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More About Just Heating

Just Heating are specialists in the supply, design and installation of electric under floor heating systems for domestic, commercial and industrial use

We offer electric under floor heating for tiled, carpeted, screed and wooden floors. A high performance, low energy cable can be installed in any shape room and is easily configured onsite for any room layout.

JUST HEATING has perfected a unique design and installation to ensure that the client gets the best possible product, service, value for money and aftercare service.

The heater element is coated in high temperature insulation making it tough, completely waterproof and resistant to chemical attack.

Wholesale to accredited under floor heating companies.

Insulating Screed / Plaster

We recommend the use of insulating screed and plaster.

A 40% saving on heater running costs can be achieved with the use of insulating screed.

A 30% saving can be achieved with the use of insulating plaster.

Thus offering a total of 70% saving on heater running costs if both insulating screed and plaster are used.

On request, we can calculate what the additional cost for insulating screed / plaster would be.